Cycle 1 PX Goals

As a studio my group discussed what we want the player to experience when playing our SHMUP. We looked into the different player experiences and decided to target Emotional responses, cognitive thinking and physical reactions when playing our game primarily. The more in depth responses we are looking for in each of these experience goals include: anger, surprise and joy from the emotional experience, analyzing and visual processing from the cognitive experience and reflexes and accuracy from the physical reactions.

By choosing these experience goals we are already starting to shape our game. It should be a difficult game to play but rewarding when finishing levels or winning rounds. The anger response would be tapped into when a player dies or cannot eliminate an enemy, surprise when the enemy models spawn and joy when finishing levels or defeating bosses. following that the Cognitive responses will be used when the enemies spawn, analysing the screen and determining where safe areas of the screen are or how to defeat certain enemies will require the player to be constantly analysing the situation they are in however, to allow them to analyse what they should be doing next the require visual processing, without being able to visually process the screen the player cannot analyse theuir situation and make decisions. Finally in order to keep themselves alive the player must either develop their reflexes or suffer as they are as the enemies do not spawn from the same location a player will have to use their reflexes to respond and move out of the way or blast the enemy in their way. If a player decides to blast away, a sense of accuracy will be required, the ability to shoot an enemy which is not in the direct line of sights will tap into a players sense of accuracy and if they miss it could mean the end of a game.

Screenshot (4)

Alexander Milne n9687157


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