Activity 2 – Objects and Rules

World Object Background, Invisible barriers at the edges The player must work within the boundaries All objects appear within the world space Static Doesn’t change
Space Station Controlled by player, moves around screen, Player directly controls everything the station does Must avoid missiles, explosions and boss. Shoots Projectiles Can only move within the on-screen view dependent on life Count
Missile Spawns on timer mono-directional Player must avoid theses Targets Space Station, destroyed by projectile and explosion Spawns at random coordinates on timer, Spawn time speeds up
Projectile Mono-directional Player shoots these towards the missiles Fired from space station, destroys missile and damages Boss Destroyed off screen or when collides with missile
Explosion Spawned from collision Player must avoid these Created when missile or boss is destroyed Does damage to colliding objects
Timer Displays running game time Player uses this as an indicator of survival Effects when spawn events happen Increases until Game Over
Life Starts with 3 decrease until 0 Player must keep these above 0 -1 upon missile impact with space station, +1 with destruction of boss. When it reaches 0 Game Over Effects whether the game is in play or not. The game is only active if lives < 0
Boss Spawns on a set interval Player attempts to destroy these Moves towards Space Station Harder to kill then missiles, rewards player with a life

Aidan Fuller n9707581


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