Cycle 1: Activity 5 – Game Look and Feel

The three words we would use to describe the look and feel of the game are; bright, frantic and sci-fi. the style of the game will be metallic spaceships with bright highlights against a dark background with pinpoints of light from stars.

this mood board should give the general feel of the game:

mood board.jpg

the game world is two dimensional and restricted to the size of the screen. It is set in the far future in deep space where a single ship is trying to outmaneuver a barrage of missiles coming at them. there will be high paced electronic music playing as the backing track and the sounds of the missiles exploding and the lasers firing with a rapid *pew* sound will be the main things the player hears. the frantic feeling of the game comes from the number of missiles trying to kill the player, the fast pace of the music will back this up.

the only objects in the world are the player the missiles and the ship firing at the player. the missiles will make a beeline for the player while the large boss ship will, when it enters the field, stay mostly motionless sending barrage after barrage of missiles at the player.

Jakob Hamilton, n9460098


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