Activity 7 Play Test Report


I conducted 3 tests using the play test plan from activity 6. The 3 people I tested where all experienced gamers 2 of whom where not part of this subject and one who was. All 3 had played SHMUP games before but it was not their genre of choice.

Observation Notes

Players all reached Game Over on the 1st or 2nd stage on their first run. However on their 2nd and 3rd run they mad it to stage 3 and 4 as they learn’t viable gameplay strategies.

Some Players experimented with different strategies to come up with the most effective one

One Player asked for the best way to play but I encouraged him to figure out how best to play.

All the Players wanted to keep Playing after the test had concluded.

By the conclusion of the test all players had achieved a majority of the PX goals.

Players exhibited a variety of emotions while playing that represented the emotional player goals outlined early in our plan

Players had to rely on reflexes and accuracy to succeed.

Players where confused as to what the boss was and how to defeat it.

Interview Questions and Answers

Q1) How engaged where you while playing?

Player 1 – Very, I was solely concentrated on surviving as long as possible

Player 2 – I had a good level of engagement enjoyed my time playing.

Player 3 – Completely engaged I don’t want to stop playing.

Q2) What kind of experience do you think this game provides?

Player 1 – A very fun one, it seems very simple but you want to keep playing and set higher and higher scores.

Player 2 – It seems fun but I don’t know if there is enough content in the game to keep playing for a long period of time.

Player 3 – A very Addictive one, I did not want to stop. I thought the sound track was very good to listen to and complemented the game well. It was challenging but It meant you wan’t to keep beating your previous performance.

Q3) What additions would you like to see in the game to add to your experience?

Player 1 – A larger variety of enemies.

Player 2 – A way to easily identify when you have been hit instead of having to constantly gaze to the top left of the screen to see your lives.

Player 3 – Perhaps a player guide to describe what the different things in the game are and what they do.

Key Findings Session Goal 1

The Players found the game engaging and addictive. They enjoyed there time playing and wanted to keep playing after the test session so they could beat there high score. I found this a good indicator of the level of enjoyment of the players, the fact that it was not a chore to play and that it is a game people want to play.

Key Findings Session Goal 2

The first play through for each person seemed to be a test play through where they discovered the game mechanics and how the game worked as well as basic strategies. On the Second and third play through it was clear that the players had learned from mistakes in the previous run and where applying what they learnt to get a higher score and a more successful outcome.

Key Findings Session Goal 3

The game uses patterns which allowed the players to analyse these to gain an advantage in the game. Players often experienced anger when they lost but that was followed immediately by joy if the beat their high score. Players where all very surprised when they first encountered the boss. Players with better reflexes and accuracy achieved better results so it is clear these are the necessary traits to do well in this game.

Recommendations for Improvement

Upon completing their tests the play testers offered some ideas that they believed would improve the game. I also have a few ideas that I could implement to improve the player experience.

Instruction Guide – A guide that is available on the main menu the describes basic features of the game and the controls.

Introduce more enemies – Included a larger array of enemies would keep the player engaged for longer as they face more challenges.

A way to know if you have been hit – Introduce a visual or sound queue to signify when the player has been hit and lost a life instead of just having to look at the lives counter.

Explosion effects – explosions when the enemies are destroyed as well as sounds just to help the game feel more real.

High Score Chart – Be able to Save High scores and view them.


Aidan Fuller – n9707581


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