Cycle 1 – Reflective Report

My skills in coding matched the task very well, I have experience in C# and learning how to use unity was not too difficult. The coding that had to do with the Unity 3D engine was easy to look up and learn as well. From a design standpoint I don’t think I did very well, the rockets constantly following the player makes them extremely easy to kite and the boss extremely easy, especially since they can blow each other up with their explosions. I realise that I need to think through how the mechanics will actually work and how they could be exploited. Whenever I needed to find new information I just looked it up on google and the unity forums or stack overflow would have me covered. This made me realise the amount of hours that could go into even something as simple as a small SHMUP and how it takes a lot more thought about how mechanics would work together than I first thought. My critical thinking also needs to improve because I found myself getting stuck at multiple points trying to figure out how I could implement something and I needed to slow down and go through the steps of the problem to fully figure it out.


When working in the team it was hard to stay on track. I tried to keep asking questions to lead discussions and get things done and that worked for the most part. We communicated through Facebook messenger, but not very much. We didn’t really bounce ideas of each other enough to get feedback either. I think I need to work more to engage with the team in the future. The most interaction I had was in the workshops where I sometimes could help them with code but overall we mostly just discussed the current activity.


When working on the game myself motivations was a problem. I get distracted and bored easily, and I have a bad habit of looking at social media in the middle of work and getting distracted for long periods of time, especially when I came up against challenges that didn’t seem trivial. I tried to work through them by listening to music while I work and slowly going over the problem in my head but that didn’t stop me getting distracted completely and losing an hour or more of the day fiddling with something I shouldn’t have. I realise that I need to be more vigilant with myself but that will probably take practice and I’ll only notice the changes over time.


When making the game ethical considerations didn’t really come into it besides documenting where I got my assets from, there aren’t any human models or dialogue in the game so I don’t need to worry about any social issues, I could just make my game.


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