Reflection Post

As a new Unity user and someone with only a semester or two of programming knowledge making my game was not an easy task. I found that my abilities were below what I was aiming to achieve when I was planning the game. The tutorials that guided me through the creation for a basic Shmup in 3d space in unity had a large impact on my final product. Otherwise I had to find new sources for my information from the internet and unity website tutorials in order to make boss scripts and the ability to have a start screen. My Game doesn’t increase the difficulty as you go because I couldn’t manage it on my own and the script for such a mechanic was not found that i could implement.

After creating this game in the few short weeks of the semester I found that the creation at this level was not incredibly tough however once the development begins to increase in level of difficulty that wouldn’t be the case I assume. Regardless of the level of difficulty however it was very enjoyable to make the game itself. I was working with the game engine and scripting which I found both challenging when things wouldn’t work and enjoyable when the did. I got a sense of triumph when the scripts didn’t have errors after writing them which I did enjoy. This has certainly had an impact on my idea of a career in game development.

In order to communicate with my team we used Facebook primarily to message between each other and talk about ideas we were having for our game design. Otherwise we spoke in person during our workshop periods. This was very useful as the ability to speak in person got more done in a shorter space of time. I found that aspect of the group communication quite useful, otherwise the group did not have to discuss a lot of information about our games as the majority of the work was individual.

As a gaming student with our stereotype I found myself cramming my work towards the end of my available time to create the assignment. I feel like I learnt a lot from my work or lack there of this cycle and I will definitely be changing my work ethic and habits for the next cycle. This way I can ask more questions when I encounter problems and fix my errors earlier on in the game development.

By creating this product I have possibly given a user somewhere a competitive challenge which has gotten them addicted to the game that I created and gave them a sense of life.


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