Coming from a programming background and having already used Unity in high school I was confident coming into these project. I hadn’t made a 2D game before but I was confident It would not be much different. I decided to start straight away and go off on my on plan without looking at the tutorials. As a result I had started my game in the 2D engine rather than 3D as the tutorial had outlined. I ran in to many issues using the 2D engine and was unable to get much help because of the many differences between the 2D and 3D engines. I was able to solve many of my problems however with hours of trial and error type programming. My code was extremely messy in its layout which meant that it was hard to go and fix things while trying to read through the code and see just what I had messed up. In the future i will need to layout my code neatly and also comment my code so I know what is doing what and where to find my problems.

In terms of the goals i had set for the design of the game I reached all but one. In this submission there is no way to gain lives. I had intended to make it possible to gain a life after killing a boss but it has not been implemented. I did create a solution to perform this task however a while that feature was in effect the player could not take damage from the boss. I could not have both features working along side each other and decided it was more important to have a boss that actually does damage. Had a assigned more time to working on this I am confident I could have created a solution where both features worked.

Other than the lake of bonus lives I am extremely happy in the way my game as turned out and for the most part enjoyed the experience of making a SHMUP game.

Aidan Fuller n9707581



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