Cycle 2 Activity 2 Game Look and Feel

During this workshop discussed the game look and feel of the first person experience we are going to be creating during this cycle. The three words we decided on to describe our game look and feel were stealth, violent and snowy. We chose these words because they describe the look and feel of a hunting game which is what we are targeting. The photos we have chosen in the mood be mood board we believe represent the look of the game very well.

The game world is set in a 3d space where the large world area is based in Alaska. The world will be bound either by gates and fences where the player cannot pass or by mountains which cannot be scaled. The world has wild animals which are typically found in Alaska including bears, wolves and deer. As the game is set during winter in Alaska the landscape will be mostly white from the snow, otherwise small amounts of greenery and dirt could be included in the scene. The wild animals come both in hostile and non hostile forms. For example bears might attack the player which is hostile whereas the deer may run from them. The sounds included in the game will certainly put a spin on how the game is played. Sounds would include the crunching under feet when walking in the snow, the sound of the each animal in real life could also be implemented. As this is a hunting game it is the target to make as many aspects of the game as similar to real hunting as possible.

Alex Milne n9687157


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