Cycle 2: PX Goals

In our initial talks as a studio we decided we wanted to have a first-person shooter that differed in its player experience from generic first person-person shooter games. We wanted a game that would test the player’s patience and force them to explore rather than a guns blazing, fast paced, linear progression.  We wanted a game that made the player choose how they went about player the game and setting their own goals outside of the pre-determined game objectives.

Our two favourite game ideas are an Alaskan wilderness hunting game and a sci-fi sewer exploration. The hunting game would take place in a large snowy area where the player would have to hunt a variety of animals to collect their pelts and survive. In the Sewer game the player will take control of a sewer repair worker who has been ordered to repair several problems in the sewer all while keeping themselves alive against the large mutant beings that call the sewer home.

We came up with separate PX goals for the two ideas as both have different elements that would make the game what it is.

Alaskan Hunter: accuracy, Analysing, predicting, anticipation

Sewer repair: surprise, Disgust, visual processing, speed

PX Goals similar across both: Fear, Reflexes, Stamina, experimenting

These PX goals will help create an experience provide many surprises for the players and force them to figure out how to achieve the goals in the game.

The PX goals are mainly physical and emotional based, like accuracy, anticipation, speed, reflexes, fear and disgust. There are a few cognitive and creative goals but as there is no player interaction with other characters there are no social based goals.

We selected these goals for two reasons. Some like accuracy and reflexes are standard across the fps genre but others like analysing, experimenting and visual processing help create and experience the put the player in charge of the game and let them decided how they want to play and what the best approach may be or allow them to play the game to their preferred play style.

Aidan Fuller – n9707581


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