Cycle 2: Interactivity and Choice

When it Comes to how the player deals with wolves there are 2 main
choices. The player can choose to confront the wolves and engage head
on. choosing this approach will mean that the wolves will retaliate
and charge and attempt to attack the player. This approach will
require the player fire quickly and possibly have to shoot with out
aiming in order to survive. The alternate approach is to attempt to
avoid the wolves entirely. This means staying out of range of the
wolves when trying to shoot them. This is a more careful approach and
will take more time however there is less risk involved in doing so,
if a wolf is to far away to charge the player can not be harmed. The
player will have to use timing and patience if they make this choice.

There are a couple of ways the player can choose to use their ammo.
Firstly the player can take a timed and accurate approach with the
intention of being conservative with their limited ammo. The player
can attempt to get the correct timing and placement for their shot and
go for “One Shot One Kills”. Alternatively there is a quicker approach
that might use more bullets in the process. The player can simply keep
firing until they hit their mark. This will most likely chew through
more bullets but doesn’t require the timing and precision of the first

Storyboard 1

storyboard 1

Storyboard 2

storyboard 2

Aidan Fuller n9707581


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