Cycle 2 Play test


I conducted 3 tests using the play test plan from activity 6. The 3 people I tested where experienced gamers who had played many FPS games however only one had played a hunting game

Observation Notes

The majority of Players died quite quickly on their first play through

Some Players experimented with different play styles to see which would earn them the most money as well as survive longer

All the Players wanted to keep Playing after the test had concluded.

By the conclusion of the test all players had achieved a majority of the PX goals.

Players exhibited a variety of emotions while playing that represented the emotional player goals outlined early in our plan

Players had to take time to learn the basics of the game in order to advance further

Players felt the lack of ambient sound made the game feel less alive

Interview Questions and Answers

Q1) How engaged where you while playing?

Player 1 – Well I guess I took no notice of the timer so I was pretty into it.

Player 2 – I was very engrossed in the game wanted to keep going.

Player 3 – I was engaged but It detracted from my immersion every time I saw a bug.

Q2) What kind of experience do you think this game provides?

Player 1 – A challenging Experience that requires alot of skill and thinking to succeed.

Player 2 – It was very entertaining and there was a lot to explore which I think created a positive experience for me

Player 3 – It was entertaining but it felt maybe incomplete and there wasn’t enough content to keep me wanting to play for a long time

Q3) What additions would you like to see in the game to add to your experience?

Player 1 – A larger variety animals to hunt

Player 2 – More time than just 5 minutes to explore more of the map

Player 3 – Some ambient sounds in the world and a more realistic presentation of the gun.

Key Findings Session Goal 1

The Players seemed to enjoy their time playing, some more than others but it certainly wasn’t a waste of their time. most of the players where eager to keep playing after the test was concluded. Their physical reactions as they were playing also signaled to me that they were enjoying their time.

Key Findings Session Goal 2

The first play through for each person was shorter than the rest as they where just testing out the mechanics and features of the game. Once they had figured out how the game worked the lasted much longer where able to advance further through the game and explore more of the world.

Key Findings Session Goal 3

The players for filled a majority of the PX goals of the game when playing. I found that the game didn’t last long enough for Stamina to be involved in the game but apart from that the PX goals where achieved if not by one person the others achieved the ones someone else may not have.

Recommendations for Improvement

Upon completing their tests the play testers offered some ideas that they believed would improve the game. I also have a few ideas that I could implement to improve the player experience.

Ambient Sound- Sounds like wind and Birds could be implemented to make the game feel more alive.

Introduce more animals – A larger variety of animals to hunt would keep players engaged for longer.

An Attack animation – an animation for the wolf when its about to bite would help signal when the player is about to die.

Gun Effects – having recoil on the gun would help the shooting fell moire realistic.

Aidan Fuller – n9707581


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