Cycle 2 Reflection

Having already made a 3D FPS in Unity in high school I was fairly confident about this task. Many of the essential things required for this task I had already done before such as creating a terrain, writing scripts for shooting and ammo and programming AI. But the goals for this task where significantly more ambitious then what I had done before. Firstly This game would require a UI. I hadn’t done a UI for a 3D game before and wasn’t sure what to expect while the majority of it was a similar procedure to the UI in the SHMUP game creating a UI for a 1st person camera was  a bit difficult. The biggest problems I had where creating the menus. Thankfully this is a relatively small part of the game but I would like for it to be presentable Unfortunately I still had trouble creating a UI compatible with varying screen sizes. Other problems arose when trying to create a realistic bullet mechanic. I had wanted to have a muzzle velocity of the bullet the same as the real world equivalent of the gun we where using however the engine just wouldn’t update fat enough for that to be possible, the bullet was traveling through objects because it was going to fat for the engine to detect a collision. i slowed the velocity to a rate that would be slow enough for the engine to recognize but fast enough that the bullet still traveled a reasonable distance. I didn’t use ray casts like in the tutorials because we had decided as a studio to have real objects for the bullets to make them realistic and effected by the laws of physics. One skill that I have alot of trouble with is working with animations. For the wolf I could get it to play the running animation but nothing else and could not get it to stop. At this time I am still quite unsure how to do that. As a work around a decided to right a script that would keep the wolves moving constantly so the fact they where always running wasn’t an issue. As I couldn’t do I die animation either I just had the wolves create a pelt object when they where destroyed. One last Issue I had was in the build the muzzle flash would appear. It would appear in the engine run time but not in the executable, a problem that I could find no solution to. Other than these problems I was very happy with the project. I felt my ability to come up with appropriate solutions in my scripts was good. Everything i wanted to achieve from a programming perspective I did achieve. I was also very happy with the map I had designed and felt it played very well. Large enough to offer player the option to explore alot but small enough that it wouldn’t take to long to cross. I thoroughly enjoyed designing the game and enjoyed playing it as well.

Aidan Fuller – n9707581



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