Reflection Cycle 2

After completing this cycle and having used Unity for 2 months or so now I learn`t a lot. The way the environment functions, the interactivity with scripting is mostly new to me as I have never used Unity before. I have in the past used Unreal Engine to create assignments or other projects for school but the flexibility and the options are nowhere near that of Unity. Prior to this cycle I had a range of knowledge with terrain tools and static meshes/prefabs in these sorts of programs. I was however introduced to the UI and the large range tools behind it. Being able to use a canvas alone to create enemy counters and show a health bar exceed what I had been taught previously and I appreciate the opportunity to work with the unity environment with the guidance of the tutors at QUT.

The other members in my group are studying the Software Technology and Game Design Majors which is exciting as I don’t know any Game Design majors however being a software technology student myself I have a vast understanding of the course so far and didn’t learn a great deal on that front. It is evident how students that work in the different majors naturally fill roles in the studio group. The way the other students think and the ideas they formulate are always different in one way or another as the semester goes on.

When I was working on the assignment I was pressed for time during the course of the assignment with other assignments in my other subjects so I struggled to implement anything that was specifically me into the game. While I may not have made any structures in blender or textures in Photoshop I was quite proud of the way I used the tools provided to me. The asset store had all the items I needed at the time for me to create the map I wanted in my image. The terrain was generated to a standard but the waterfall was my proudest achievement regardless of how simple it really is and how easily it could still be improved with more time. I would have liked to get the sound of water crashing down around the waterfall area for more effect and the implementation of the sound water makes when flowing down a stream after that. Those small improvements would have greatly improved the waterfall area and increased a players level of immersion.

For the case of my first person experience the recent event was a law change for hunters in Alaska therefore the complications and chances of this game having a bad impact on a player is low however had a game that was more related to recent world and political events been made that would definitely have caused ethical issues and would have raised attention for the wrong reasons.

Alex Milne n9687157


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