Cycle 2 Playtest Plan

this playtest plan was  made based off the playtests of the other members.

Session Goals Participants Method How to analyse
Number Who Overall approach What to measure  
G1: level of player engagement and fun 3 Confidants Play Testers will play the game individually and will talk out loud while they play. They will be asked questions about their enjoyment of the game after. Notes will be taken from both steps Self-reported enjoyment and understanding of the game mechanics On completion the play tester will be interviewed with 5 questions:

1.    How does the movement scheme feel?

2.    Are the enemies to hard or easy to hit?

3.    Was the scoring system fair?

4.    What felt like it was missing?

5.    Would the game bore you after a while?

Notes will be taken on the answers of participants. Looking for patterns in responses to find issues
G2: If gun feedback makes sense and if player can notice bullet drop Ability to play the game with competence Gameplay observations and out loud talk How well the player does and identify problems that players express out loud
G3: if the wolves are fun to track and fight

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