Cycle 2 Reflection

I had trouble with this cycle, this was both due to my time management skills and anxiety. My coding skills were still matched well, but I ran into road bumps which stopped me for a while. I learned that sometimes if features are not working the way you intended and trying to find fixes for them are taking too much time, they just need to be cut or changed. This was done with the majority of the game to the point where it is fundamentally a different game. The bullet drop mechanic wasn’t working and fixes for it brought up new problems so they just had to be hit-scan bullets. The game did not have a foreseeable end as defined by the game design decided on so I made it that once you’ve killed all the wolves you win. I’ve also learned that I need to prioritise getting started early so as not to find I’ve run out of time. Double checking due dates is also important, so that I am not under the impression that I have an extra week under my belt and then start panicking when I realise I don’t. So being stuck on a mechanic and a sudden deadline shift can cause for quite a bit of anxiety.

I did not learn anything about other roles in the process of making this game because my communication skills are terrible.

The most satisfying thing I think I implemented is probably the headshots. There’s not much feedback, but downing an enemy with a single well placed shot is always satisfying. That plus the gun’s shooting and reloading sounds, give the shooting a good feel.

I think that there are a lot of ethical issues with making a first person game based on recent events. There are a lot of bad things going on in the world for a lot of people and picking a recent event that could hit too close to home for some people would be a bad idea. For example one of my game ideas was to be a reporter in the middle of a mass shooting trying to get footage. This would definitely hit too close to home for some people and I was probably making the idea a bit too edgy to make it seem cooler than the rest. Another problem is that first person game usually involve killing people or things and that could also be exploitative if you are killing people based on a recent tragic event.


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