Cycle 3: Game Look and Feel

In the second workshop we finalized our idea for our side scrolling game. we decided on on game set in a diner where the player takes control of a waiter/waitress. We came up with 3 words to describe our concept; colourful, retro and bubbly. The shapes in the game will be mostly based of circles and squares. We don’t won’t to include triangles as they represent aggression according to Chris Solarski in The Aesthetics of Game Art and Game Design. We don’t want to have aggression in our game as it is not the kind of game we are making and is not very representative of our target audience. The game will have a large focus on visual stimulus. players will have to recognise orders and remember who ordered what. As mentioned in Dave Williams’ article De-signing the Design: the Semiotics of Choice, we will need to have easily recognisable symbols to represent individual customers as well as the various orders. Ideally we will have a similar system to the image on the bottom left. As can be seen in the mood board we want our setting to be a 50’s style diner. As the game is a side scroller we will have to design our diner differently ie longer to fit the style of the game but the aesthetic will remain. things within the restaurant will be in one long line rather than filling a volume as a source images show.

mood board

Aidan Fuller – n9707581


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