Cycle 3 Interactivity and Choice

For cycle 3 we are required to identify goals and sub goals of our game these are the goals you will try to meet in order to win.

Task 1


Task 2

We also have come up with 5 challenges:

  1. Remembering customer orders. To do this you will need to remember which food goes to which customer using the color of their clothes.
  2. Get enough money each day. There will be expenses to cover each day that will be deducted each day from your total money earned. You will need to serve as many customers as possible for this
  3. don’t drop your food. You will need to avoid drink spillages and and flung food to not drop the customers food.


Task 3

Challenge 1 Remembering Customer Orders

  • The player will be able to choose who they bring the order to.
  • The player will have to make the right choice, if they do not a speech bubble indicating anger will come from both the person who you gave the wrong order to and the person who wanted the order.
  • The player will give a customer a food order by pressing a button.
  • If they get the order wrong they will be penalized.

Challenge 2 Don’t Drop Your Food

  • The player will have to dodge obstacles on the ground and flying through the air. they can either jump duck or do nothing.
  • the player will be able to see the obstacles on the ground or moving towards them.
  • The player will have to choose whether to jump duck or do nothing in order to deal with the obstacle.
  • if they dodge the obstacle they will be able to continue on if they don’t they will slip over and drop their food, losing them precious time.

Task 4

Don’t Drop Your Food Storyboard

image (2).jpg

image (1)



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