Cycle 3 Game Objects and Rules

Task 1:



Economy Progression Tactical maneuvering Social interaction
Walking around the diner (movement)


Paid for each meal delivered


Same map layout but more difficult time restraint Movement through the level to prevent dropping meals Character communicating with customers
Items flying at the player


More meals delivered the  more money will be made More difficult score goal to achieve Movement through the levels to prevent being hit and being penalized  
Gravity physics for the players jumping and the items that fly through the air. Have a minimum amount of money that must be earnt to continue to the next level. Multiple levels to represent the difficulty increasing  

5 player stories with these mechanics related to them:

1: player story 2(As a waiter I want to serve customers as quickly as possible to make the most money.) is relevant to the economy mechanics as the player earns money for serving food.

2: Player story 4( As a waiter i want to avoid any obstacles in the diner so I don’t drop the food.) references the gravity involved with the player moving and jumping around obstacles and projectiles or objects flying at them.

3: Player story 7(As a player I want to keep money above the cost of living amount to keep the game going for longer.) relates to economy once again as the game relies on the minimum savings bracket to continue the game.

4: Player story 8(As a waiter I want to i want to serve customers before they leave or become displeased) is linked to social interaction as it is important the customers do not leave and therefore cause the player to lose money overall.

5: Player story 1(As a waiter I want to remember a customers order so I can give them the right meal) references a number of the game mechanics including social interaction and economy. If the customer gets the wrong order and does not pay a tip then the player does not earn money to save for the minimum they are trying to achieve for the next round.


Task 2:

The player object. The player moves with the arrow keys or WASD and possibly space bar to jump or control to duck, the player can also interact with customers by standing close to their table/ using an interact button. The player only interacts with the diner when collecting orders as they will be picking up the meals from a bar area for example and then taking it to a table. The player will be able to move around the diner and will interact with the world by standing around the tables for customers to order and deliver them once picking them up from the bar. They will also have to weave and dodge around the obstacles that may prevent them from being able to do their primary job.


Customers both the ones walking into the diner and others sitting at tables. Customers will enter the diner and sit down at a table but they will not be interactable until they have sat down at a table. They will be able to do all of this independently of the player. The player can interact with the customers once they have sat down at a table, the player will have to stand at the occupied table and wait for a speech bubble with a meal to appear which signifies the customers order. It is then the players job to fetch that meal or drink and deliver it to the customer. The customers will interact with the food delivered by the player and will also interact with the diner as they walk into it and will be sitting at tables waiting for their service and orders. When a customer is delivered the wrong meal they will not give the player a tip which is the aim of the game, receiving tips. Alternatively if the player delivers the right order to a customer they will be rewarded with a tip.


Obstacles on the floor of the diner and possibly from the roof (air conditioning vents and stuff). The obstacles on the floor and the roof will randomly spawn each time a round or game is started but otherwise they will not be able to move. These items if interacted with are able to set the player back similar to losing lives or money as they are obstacles for the player to avoid. When the player interacts with the obstacles on the floor/roof they are impacted by dropping a meal and losing money or in another in game set-back which hinders their future profit in some way. The player can avoid these objects by jumping over spills or not hitting them in general. The obstacles will not interact with any other attributes than the player, customers will not be affected by them nor will the diner itself or the flying objects. When a player runs into an obstacle on the floor or roof when holding a meal they drop the meal and have to pay for the new one with their tip money. If they successfully avoid the obstacles they keep their hard earned money.


Flying objects, possibly plates and milkshake glasses for example. Flying objects will spawn mostly at random and move at a slow pace for the player to react to them. If interacted with similarly the floor and roof obstacles they can set the player back with an in game currency or life system. When the player interacts with the flying objects it affects them similarly to the obstacles in the sense it sets the player back. The player can also avoid these objects by jumping or ducking from them. The flying obstacles will not interact with any other attributes than the player, customers will not be affected by them nor will the diner itself or the obstacles. When a flying object hits a player or a player runs into a flying object when holding an order they will drop or ruin the order which leads to them needing to pay for a new one with their tip money. If the manage to avoid all of the objects they will not lose any of their money.


Task 3:

Objects Object Purpose Object Attributes Relationship to Other Objects Rules, Events and Effects


Rush around and deliver meals to hungry customers Moves with key inputs and collects orders and deliver them Doesn’t directly interact with any customers but can be hit by obstacles and objects. Cant leave the map/diner, loses currency if obstacle is run into or hit by objects


Stationary obstacle for player to run into Spawns randomly at the beginning of each round/ game Does not impact or interact with other objects. If the player runs into the obstacles while holding a meal they drop the meal and pay for a new one or set back in the game in another manner.
Flying Objects Fly towards the character across the screen to try and hit the player Spawns randomly and then flies towards the character at a fixed rate. Does not interact with other objects. If the player is hit by a flying object while holding a meal they drop the meal and pay for a new one or are set back in another manner.
Diner and meals


Diner used as a background, meal is too be transported from the bar to a table Doesn’t move by itself, only meals move when the player picks it up Diner doesn’t interact with player or customers, the meals are only transported by the player to the customers table The player cannot leave the diner but the rules surrounding the meals and diner are pretty simple.
Customers Customers enter the diner and move to an empty table to order a meal all by themselves Walks a path to a table and orders a meal, finishes meal and maybe leaves the diner. The Customers interact with the diner by entering it and sitting down in booths. They order meals and consume them The customers cannot be run into with the player, they are not impacted by flying objects or obstacles. They order food and if delivered the wrong item they do not tip.

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