Cycle 3: Playtest Report

To play test my game i ran three tests on individuals similar to my target audience. I ran the tests individually to ensure that all opinions were individual. I had the testers play the game for 10 minutes and then asked them some questions related to there time playing.

Session Goal 1 : Get Feedback on on how the game feels and how engaging it is.

Q1) How smooth did the game feel ?

A1) The side to side movement was quite smooth but the jumping was very jagged and the character looked liked they were moving at different speeds in the air?

A2) It all felt very clunky especially when jumping or changing directions

A3) It was pretty smooth just to move in one direction but changing direction, especially quickly was really jumpy

Q2) Were you engaged in the game or were the too many things distracting you?

A1) When you ignore how the camera moves differently to the character and how buggy the jumping could be I found myself really focused on serving those customers and making money.

A2) Yeah the game wasn’t running terribly so there was no frame rate issues ruining the experience for me. There were some minor annoyances but overall I’d say most of my attention was focused towards serving all the customers, So I’d say I was pretty engaged.

A3) Every time I reached the end of the diner or the camera moved where the character didn’t or vice versa it was pretty distracting.

Session Goal 2

Q1) Where there any issues that need to be fixed with the level design?

A1) Not anything obvious but maybe some more decorations on the wall might make it look better

A2) The lighting was different from day 2 on wards and made the metals reflect alot less and really darkened the white so it could be hard to see orders.

A3) The lighting was pretty weird, it changed after level 1 and it didn’t look as good as level 1 but there didn’t appear to be any clipping issues or anything like that.

Q2) Are there things that need to be fixed in order to make the game work better?

A1) The jumping and making the camera follow the character properly

A2) the lighting after you switch between days, the jumping motion could be made smoother not let the boxes appear near you at the beginning

A3) the jumping and the camera

Session Goal 3

Q1 What features did you really like about the game?

A1) having to remember the correct orders I felt was a really interesting challenge and I thought it was pretty cool.

A2)dodging the boxes even with the buggy jumping was really fun

A3) The way the cost of living went up, very relatable .

Q2) What would you like to see added to the game?

A1) More variation with the customer types other than the same 2 people at every table

A2) Some extra challenges like different obstacles or having to serve people in a certain time

A3) I don’t know what it would be but some kind of bigger objective other then just making money each day

Analysis of Findings.

It was clear that there are issues with the motion and flow of the game. This compliments my own frustrations I had with how they gamed flowed. Going forward this would have to be the major focus as everybody who has played the game has been bothered by both the jumping and the camera. It looks like a positive reaction towards the concept and the general idea of the game as well as how it works. Fixing other things like lighting and decor would also seem to help in providing a more engaging and enjoyable experience. More challenges such as obstacles and objectives would also help enhance the player experience.

Aidan Fuller – n9707581




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