Cycle 3 Reflection

This semester has been a learning experience in so many ways. This course is the first real game making class that I have taken since high school so there has been a lot that was familiar and a lot that was foreign to me. Being able to write code in Visual Studio and then use it in the Unity environment was a new experience and I had experiences where it worked well for me at times and others where it wasn’t even close. I have a lot left to learn about this feature and many others in the Unity engine. I like to think I approached the learning with an open mind and worked with what I learned really well.


The dynamic of working in a group to design the ideas and concepts for the games was an interesting setup for me as I had never worked like this in a group. By having this group obviously communication was expected but the avenues that were available. If I had issues I could easily ask if my team mates had similar if not the exact same issues with their games and ask for help. This skill has certainly improved over the course of the semester.


When working on the assignments in this semester we had the group assignment aspects where we designed the games in groups and wrote documentation more individually. The most effective strategy for keeping track on what is needed and what each member has to complete for any given cycle was communicating. Talking to my group members lead me to be able to manage my time a lot more efficiently, I was able to set aside time to plan out and make my games on my own for the most part and then write the documentation or blog posts with them in the workshops I attended.


When working in a group the planning and working changes as other peoples grades and GPA essentially are in your hands. With this in mind when I work in a group I try and do my work ahead of time so that my group can comment and help improve things like documentation before its due so that we all get the best mark possible. Working in the classes is interesting with the tasks and having to split the work fairly, the course already organises the structure so that every member has to do all of the blog posts at some stage and so on which makes the dealing out even work very simple for us. Being honest with the group is more than just not lying to them its about respect as well. If you or a group member doesn’t respect the others it proves to be an issue and leads to work possibly being stolen, not to mention lazy writing and extremely late work uploads. The level of participation during workshops varies from week to week and studio member to member but on average everyone participates and puts in their two cents worth to help out, if there was an issue at any point the tutors are there to help in any way they can in case it is that bad. Overall working in a group is a huge benefit as the ability to get help from the people you trust and work with regularly is so powerful, it has been a good semester.


Alex Milne n9687157


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