Cycle 3: Reflection

In this Semester with IGB100 I have learnt many new skills in the area of Game Design. I came into this unit hoping to learn alot of valuable skills to help continue my progress as game designer. there have been many things that I have picked up this semester that have helped me in being able to produce quality mini games. I spent alot of time trying to perfect the skills I learnt in my practicals such as Interactive UI’s, Animation and using sounds. These are things I had not done before this unit and i dedicated alot of time into these areas to bring them up to the level of my other skills. I must admit however that my skills with Animation still have a long way to go after this unit.

Throughout this unit I have developed my ability to work in a team with other ideas and share ideas. I’m used to working on projects alone where the creative direction was completely up to me. I have learnt to work with other people to come up with a combined creative direction. I feel this as lead to better creations on my part thanks to the input of my team mates. I have discovered how valuable the design process is when creating game. Documenting the concepts has helped in the actual development of the game as well as learning to create for specific audience by making design choices that complement the characteristics of the target audience

It was clear that communication was going to be a major factor for the success of the games that were created this semester. during the 2nd mini game we, as a group discovered that an effective way to ensure that everyone’s game achieved what had been outlined in the Game  Look and Feel was to share assets so that models and textures would be the same across everyone’s games. We continued with this approach in the 3rd game as well. while the level design and programming was left to each individual to work on them selves we ensured that everyone’s game met with all the design guild lines we had outlined in a design process during the workshops. This lead to a 3 different games that all shared the same design goals.

it was important in this unit that everyone worked together as a group. this meant that everyone had to make sure they had done there blog posts so that someone else doing a different blog could use the information they needed from a previous blog post. while different members of the group would do different blog posts each week it was important that everyone participated in the workshop activities each week. this ensured that everyone’s inputs and creative goals where included in the design process and the end product. this also meant that everyone was doing a fair amount of work and not pinning everything on one individual. there where times where someone would not be present at the workshop, usually for a good reason, this meant that the group members present at the weeks class would have to communicate with the absentee so that everyone was on the same level and every bodies contributions were included.

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