Cycle 3: Playtest Report

To play test my game i ran three tests on individuals similar to my target audience. I ran the tests individually to ensure that all opinions were individual. I had the testers play the game for 10 minutes and then asked them some questions related to there time playing.

Session Goal 1 : Get Feedback on on how the game feels and how engaging it is.

Q1) How smooth did the game feel ?

A1) The side to side movement was quite smooth but the jumping was very jagged and the character looked liked they were moving at different speeds in the air?

A2) It all felt very clunky especially when jumping or changing directions

A3) It was pretty smooth just to move in one direction but changing direction, especially quickly was really jumpy

Q2) Were you engaged in the game or were the too many things distracting you?

A1) When you ignore how the camera moves differently to the character and how buggy the jumping could be I found myself really focused on serving those customers and making money.

A2) Yeah the game wasn’t running terribly so there was no frame rate issues ruining the experience for me. There were some minor annoyances but overall I’d say most of my attention was focused towards serving all the customers, So I’d say I was pretty engaged.

A3) Every time I reached the end of the diner or the camera moved where the character didn’t or vice versa it was pretty distracting.

Session Goal 2

Q1) Where there any issues that need to be fixed with the level design?

A1) Not anything obvious but maybe some more decorations on the wall might make it look better

A2) The lighting was different from day 2 on wards and made the metals reflect alot less and really darkened the white so it could be hard to see orders.

A3) The lighting was pretty weird, it changed after level 1 and it didn’t look as good as level 1 but there didn’t appear to be any clipping issues or anything like that.

Q2) Are there things that need to be fixed in order to make the game work better?

A1) The jumping and making the camera follow the character properly

A2) the lighting after you switch between days, the jumping motion could be made smoother not let the boxes appear near you at the beginning

A3) the jumping and the camera

Session Goal 3

Q1 What features did you really like about the game?

A1) having to remember the correct orders I felt was a really interesting challenge and I thought it was pretty cool.

A2)dodging the boxes even with the buggy jumping was really fun

A3) The way the cost of living went up, very relatable .

Q2) What would you like to see added to the game?

A1) More variation with the customer types other than the same 2 people at every table

A2) Some extra challenges like different obstacles or having to serve people in a certain time

A3) I don’t know what it would be but some kind of bigger objective other then just making money each day

Analysis of Findings.

It was clear that there are issues with the motion and flow of the game. This compliments my own frustrations I had with how they gamed flowed. Going forward this would have to be the major focus as everybody who has played the game has been bothered by both the jumping and the camera. It looks like a positive reaction towards the concept and the general idea of the game as well as how it works. Fixing other things like lighting and decor would also seem to help in providing a more engaging and enjoyable experience. More challenges such as obstacles and objectives would also help enhance the player experience.

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Cycle 3: Reflection

In this Semester with IGB100 I have learnt many new skills in the area of Game Design. I came into this unit hoping to learn alot of valuable skills to help continue my progress as game designer. there have been many things that I have picked up this semester that have helped me in being able to produce quality mini games. I spent alot of time trying to perfect the skills I learnt in my practicals such as Interactive UI’s, Animation and using sounds. These are things I had not done before this unit and i dedicated alot of time into these areas to bring them up to the level of my other skills. I must admit however that my skills with Animation still have a long way to go after this unit.

Throughout this unit I have developed my ability to work in a team with other ideas and share ideas. I’m used to working on projects alone where the creative direction was completely up to me. I have learnt to work with other people to come up with a combined creative direction. I feel this as lead to better creations on my part thanks to the input of my team mates. I have discovered how valuable the design process is when creating game. Documenting the concepts has helped in the actual development of the game as well as learning to create for specific audience by making design choices that complement the characteristics of the target audience

It was clear that communication was going to be a major factor for the success of the games that were created this semester. during the 2nd mini game we, as a group discovered that an effective way to ensure that everyone’s game achieved what had been outlined in the Game  Look and Feel was to share assets so that models and textures would be the same across everyone’s games. We continued with this approach in the 3rd game as well. while the level design and programming was left to each individual to work on them selves we ensured that everyone’s game met with all the design guild lines we had outlined in a design process during the workshops. This lead to a 3 different games that all shared the same design goals.

it was important in this unit that everyone worked together as a group. this meant that everyone had to make sure they had done there blog posts so that someone else doing a different blog could use the information they needed from a previous blog post. while different members of the group would do different blog posts each week it was important that everyone participated in the workshop activities each week. this ensured that everyone’s inputs and creative goals where included in the design process and the end product. this also meant that everyone was doing a fair amount of work and not pinning everything on one individual. there where times where someone would not be present at the workshop, usually for a good reason, this meant that the group members present at the weeks class would have to communicate with the absentee so that everyone was on the same level and every bodies contributions were included.

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Cycle 3: Player Stories

As a group we decided we would be making a game focused around being a waiter at a restaurant. The setting will be a 50’s style diner lengthened to accommodate the style of game. The player will have a limited amount of time to serve as many customers as they can in a day. players will also have to avoid obstacles like spilled food and wet floor signs while they move through the diner. Players will have to make a certain amount of money each day which will increase as each day passes.

Player Stories

1) As a waiter I want to remember a customers order so I can give them the right meal

2) As a waiter I want to serve customers as quickly as possible to make the most money

3) As a player i want to serve as many customers as possible to make the most money each day.

4) As a waiter i want to avoid any obstacles in the diner so I don’t drop the food.

5) As player i want to earn enough money each day to meet the cost of living requirement

6) As a waiter i want to avoid obstacles so i don’t take a time penalty

7) As a player I want to keep money above the cost of living amount to keep the game going for longer.

8) As a waiter I want to i want to serve customers before they leave or become displeased

9) As a waiter I want to minimise the waste of food so I don’t get penalised.

10) As a waiter i want to serve people food so I can get paid

Sally seems to enjoy simulating the lives of real people characters, So play story 5 would align with this characteristic

Sally Doesn’t spend alot of time playing games each day so player story 2 would help her get more done in less time.

Sally plays games that involve an element of tactics and managerial skills which aligns with player story 3

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Cycle 3: Game Look and Feel

In the second workshop we finalized our idea for our side scrolling game. we decided on on game set in a diner where the player takes control of a waiter/waitress. We came up with 3 words to describe our concept; colourful, retro and bubbly. The shapes in the game will be mostly based of circles and squares. We don’t won’t to include triangles as they represent aggression according to Chris Solarski in The Aesthetics of Game Art and Game Design. We don’t want to have aggression in our game as it is not the kind of game we are making and is not very representative of our target audience. The game will have a large focus on visual stimulus. players will have to recognise orders and remember who ordered what. As mentioned in Dave Williams’ article De-signing the Design: the Semiotics of Choice, we will need to have easily recognisable symbols to represent individual customers as well as the various orders. Ideally we will have a similar system to the image on the bottom left. As can be seen in the mood board we want our setting to be a 50’s style diner. As the game is a side scroller we will have to design our diner differently ie longer to fit the style of the game but the aesthetic will remain. things within the restaurant will be in one long line rather than filling a volume as a source images show.

mood board

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Cycle 2 Reflection

Having already made a 3D FPS in Unity in high school I was fairly confident about this task. Many of the essential things required for this task I had already done before such as creating a terrain, writing scripts for shooting and ammo and programming AI. But the goals for this task where significantly more ambitious then what I had done before. Firstly This game would require a UI. I hadn’t done a UI for a 3D game before and wasn’t sure what to expect while the majority of it was a similar procedure to the UI in the SHMUP game creating a UI for a 1st person camera was  a bit difficult. The biggest problems I had where creating the menus. Thankfully this is a relatively small part of the game but I would like for it to be presentable Unfortunately I still had trouble creating a UI compatible with varying screen sizes. Other problems arose when trying to create a realistic bullet mechanic. I had wanted to have a muzzle velocity of the bullet the same as the real world equivalent of the gun we where using however the engine just wouldn’t update fat enough for that to be possible, the bullet was traveling through objects because it was going to fat for the engine to detect a collision. i slowed the velocity to a rate that would be slow enough for the engine to recognize but fast enough that the bullet still traveled a reasonable distance. I didn’t use ray casts like in the tutorials because we had decided as a studio to have real objects for the bullets to make them realistic and effected by the laws of physics. One skill that I have alot of trouble with is working with animations. For the wolf I could get it to play the running animation but nothing else and could not get it to stop. At this time I am still quite unsure how to do that. As a work around a decided to right a script that would keep the wolves moving constantly so the fact they where always running wasn’t an issue. As I couldn’t do I die animation either I just had the wolves create a pelt object when they where destroyed. One last Issue I had was in the build the muzzle flash would appear. It would appear in the engine run time but not in the executable, a problem that I could find no solution to. Other than these problems I was very happy with the project. I felt my ability to come up with appropriate solutions in my scripts was good. Everything i wanted to achieve from a programming perspective I did achieve. I was also very happy with the map I had designed and felt it played very well. Large enough to offer player the option to explore alot but small enough that it wouldn’t take to long to cross. I thoroughly enjoyed designing the game and enjoyed playing it as well.

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Cycle 2 Play test


I conducted 3 tests using the play test plan from activity 6. The 3 people I tested where experienced gamers who had played many FPS games however only one had played a hunting game

Observation Notes

The majority of Players died quite quickly on their first play through

Some Players experimented with different play styles to see which would earn them the most money as well as survive longer

All the Players wanted to keep Playing after the test had concluded.

By the conclusion of the test all players had achieved a majority of the PX goals.

Players exhibited a variety of emotions while playing that represented the emotional player goals outlined early in our plan

Players had to take time to learn the basics of the game in order to advance further

Players felt the lack of ambient sound made the game feel less alive

Interview Questions and Answers

Q1) How engaged where you while playing?

Player 1 – Well I guess I took no notice of the timer so I was pretty into it.

Player 2 – I was very engrossed in the game wanted to keep going.

Player 3 – I was engaged but It detracted from my immersion every time I saw a bug.

Q2) What kind of experience do you think this game provides?

Player 1 – A challenging Experience that requires alot of skill and thinking to succeed.

Player 2 – It was very entertaining and there was a lot to explore which I think created a positive experience for me

Player 3 – It was entertaining but it felt maybe incomplete and there wasn’t enough content to keep me wanting to play for a long time

Q3) What additions would you like to see in the game to add to your experience?

Player 1 – A larger variety animals to hunt

Player 2 – More time than just 5 minutes to explore more of the map

Player 3 – Some ambient sounds in the world and a more realistic presentation of the gun.

Key Findings Session Goal 1

The Players seemed to enjoy their time playing, some more than others but it certainly wasn’t a waste of their time. most of the players where eager to keep playing after the test was concluded. Their physical reactions as they were playing also signaled to me that they were enjoying their time.

Key Findings Session Goal 2

The first play through for each person was shorter than the rest as they where just testing out the mechanics and features of the game. Once they had figured out how the game worked the lasted much longer where able to advance further through the game and explore more of the world.

Key Findings Session Goal 3

The players for filled a majority of the PX goals of the game when playing. I found that the game didn’t last long enough for Stamina to be involved in the game but apart from that the PX goals where achieved if not by one person the others achieved the ones someone else may not have.

Recommendations for Improvement

Upon completing their tests the play testers offered some ideas that they believed would improve the game. I also have a few ideas that I could implement to improve the player experience.

Ambient Sound- Sounds like wind and Birds could be implemented to make the game feel more alive.

Introduce more animals – A larger variety of animals to hunt would keep players engaged for longer.

An Attack animation – an animation for the wolf when its about to bite would help signal when the player is about to die.

Gun Effects – having recoil on the gun would help the shooting fell moire realistic.

Aidan Fuller – n9707581

Cycle 2: Interactivity and Choice

When it Comes to how the player deals with wolves there are 2 main
choices. The player can choose to confront the wolves and engage head
on. choosing this approach will mean that the wolves will retaliate
and charge and attempt to attack the player. This approach will
require the player fire quickly and possibly have to shoot with out
aiming in order to survive. The alternate approach is to attempt to
avoid the wolves entirely. This means staying out of range of the
wolves when trying to shoot them. This is a more careful approach and
will take more time however there is less risk involved in doing so,
if a wolf is to far away to charge the player can not be harmed. The
player will have to use timing and patience if they make this choice.

There are a couple of ways the player can choose to use their ammo.
Firstly the player can take a timed and accurate approach with the
intention of being conservative with their limited ammo. The player
can attempt to get the correct timing and placement for their shot and
go for “One Shot One Kills”. Alternatively there is a quicker approach
that might use more bullets in the process. The player can simply keep
firing until they hit their mark. This will most likely chew through
more bullets but doesn’t require the timing and precision of the first

Storyboard 1

storyboard 1

Storyboard 2

storyboard 2

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